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How to use demo content

All templates in the Template Gallery contain demo content created with the specific industry, profession, trade, business, or hobby in mind. All templates come complete with professionally-designed images handpicked and styled to create a beautiful website experience for your visitors and users. Reasons we use demo content are threefold:

- Demo content provides easy guidelines on what kind of text would be relevant for each template block. Some of the demo text are instructions that help you write your own unique content more efficiently.

- Demo images create a unique look and feel of each template and help highlight unique features of each template, such as pre-designed image shapes, color overlays, and other effects.

- Demo text and images serve as placeholders helping outline the structure of each block. This way, you know how many lines of text are in each title, subtitle, text element, or link. This helps achieve a sustainable result: Beautiful, professionally designed pages throughout your website, so you don't need to worry about indents, font size, line spaces, and so much more.

Replacing demo text with your own

We encourage you to replace the demo text with your own content as soon as you start working on your website, even if your work is not complete. The reason for that is that once you publish your website with demo content and it has been crawled by search engine robots, search engines will start viewing your demo content as duplicate content. This can seriously damage your SEO score so even after you fill your site with your own unique content, the duplicate content remains cached for a long time, causing you long-term damage to your ranking on search engine pages.

It's easy to replace the demo titles, descriptions, and short text elements. Simply click anywhere in the demo content and start typing your own text. Even Our own header is coming shortly! (this is an example) should be fine as a short-term solution.

You can also highlight the demo content and paste text from any text editor you are using.

Make sure to replace the text in buttons and calls to action (CTAs) in the same way. These pieces of content are meant as inspiration only.

Using demo images

All templates are professionally designed using high-quality photography. You can continue using these images or replace them with your own photos or illustrations. All of the template images are provided for your inspiration only. Keep in mind that when you use your own unique visual content, your visitors and potential customers get stronger feelings about your brand and its message.

If you choose to keep using template images, certain restrictions applyYou may not:

  • Distribute images for free download on a shared drive, service, software, or website;
  • Transfer, resell, sub-license, rent, donate, or otherwise transfer images to third parties;
  • Сreate conditions under which images may be extracted from the template;
  • Allow third parties to reuse images;
  • Use images to create official logos, company names, or trademarks;
  • Use images in a way that would make the viewer believe that the model approves of or endorses any items or services.
  • Any forbidden use of template images will be considered copyright infringement. 

Important: You receive no copyright or intellectual property rights on template photos, vector images, videos, or other materials included in the templates and cannot extract any of these files from the templates.


Can I keep demo texts?

Demo texts serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for you when building your website. We encourage you to replace the demo text as quickly as possible.

Why do you offer demo content?

After years of Sitebuilding, we have learned that starting to build a website preloaded with demo content makes your job easier. While you can customize and personalize each of the templates, each one has been created with a certain industry, niche, business, or hobby in mind. Demo content helps illustrate the purpose of the template, to guide you to enter the suitable text in each functional block, and to inspire you to create your own unique content for your website.

Will Lorem Ipsum hurt my website search rankings?

We understand that you may not replace larger pieces of content, such as articles, with your own copy. That's why we have filled the space with a specially generated meaningless text Lorem ipsum. The translation of this phrase is a distorted quotation from Cicero’s work "On the limits of good and evil" in Latin. The "Dolorem Ipsum" translates as “the pain itself.”


This text in printing has been used for more than 500 years to demonstrate the different fonts and the appearance of the page to the customer. Thanks to this placeholder, you can see clearly how much text fits on the page.

While Lorem ipsum text is not known to cause issues with text duplication, we encourage you to replace it with your own unique content as soon as you can.

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