Is my website live online?

This article covers where and how visitors can view your site and how to keep it hidden until you're ready to go live.  

Before you publish

When you start working on your site in the Sitebuilder, your website is private by default. This means that only the site owner and people who help to create a website can see it. Your site is hidden from search engines at this point.

When editing your site, your changes won't be publicly visible until you save your changes and publish your site.

Keeping website private

When you work on your website, you may want to keep it private until you are ready to go live. To keep your website hidden from visitors you may wish to keep saving it without publishing.

Note: Yola Sitebuilder automatically saves your website while in progress every 2 minutes.

When you publish

After you press Publish, your site goes live and can be viewed online. It is accessible by:

- Pressing the View your published site link.

- Entering the URL of your domain name in the browser

Note: if you cannot see changes you have made to your published site, you may want to clear the cache and try again. 


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