What you can do in the Website menu

You can find the Website menu when you first appear in the Sitebuilder. It's a button located to the left of your Pages… link.


Understanding the Website menu

The Website menu provides access to publishing, Website settings and other admin areas of your site. Here you can find everything that you need to manage your site. To access these functions, follow these steps:

  1. Publish website: click this link in the Website menu to publish online the latest version of your site.
  2. View published website: Click this link to visit the latest published version of your website online.
  3. Pages: Click this link to access the menu where you can manage your pages. You can add new pagesassign a new home pagerenamedelete, and modify Page settings.
  4. Navigation: Add links to the header navigation, create subpages, and manage navigation links.
  5. Settings: Access website settings to enter information about your business, logo, favicon, and SEO tags.
  6. Design: Here you can change the color palette and font pairings.
  7. Analytics: Access the site analytics to see traffic details.
  8. Help center: Click this link to access the knowledge base of helpful articles.
  9. Exit editor: Click this link to log out of the Sitebuilder.

Note: make sure to save your progress before exiting, otherwise your last changes may not be saved. The Sitebuilder automatically saves your changes every 2 minutes.

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