Adding and customizing Footer block

It's easy to implement a feature-rich footer area in the Sitebuilder+. Your footer can display a lot of useful information for your visitors including additional navigation, your logo, as well as contact and copyright information. 

Customizing the footer

1. If you are building your page from a template, you will already have the footer added at the bottom of the page. 

If you are building the page from scratch, click on the "plus" Add a block button and navigate to the Footer area in the Block Library:


Click on the footer and it will be added to the bottom of your page. It’s time to start customizing it!


Customizing the footer block settings

You can modify the following elements of the Footer block:

  • Business logo
  • Site name
  • Business description
  • Business address
  • Business phone
  • Business email
  • Business social profiles
  • Footer navigation

Click on the footer to activate the control pane and then click Block settings:


Here you can modify the following footer options:

  • Business logo: learn how to update your logo.
  • Site name
  • Business description
  • Business address
  • Business phone
  • Business email
  • Business social profiles: learn how to add social media profiles.
  • Footer navigation: all the footer links in two columns.


Uncheck any of the elements you don’t want to have in the footer and the design will automatically update.

Once done customizing the settings, click Save.

Customizing footer links

You can modify every link in your footer. To edit links in the footer navigation, click on the link area:


In List settings menu, you can modify any link the navigation. Click Link settings:


Now, you can customize the link. For more details, visit this tutorial.

To rearrange links in the list, drag and drop links to the desired location using the handle:


To delete a link, click the "trash" icon:


If you want to expand your footer even further, click on the round "plus" button to add a link:


Then continue to customize the link following the steps in this tutorial.

Customizing the copyright information

Although not mandatory, using a copyright notice may actually help to prevent infringements. A copyright notice contains three elements:

  • The copyright symbol © or the word "Copyright."  
  • If the website is published, the year of publication.
  • The name of the copyright owner.

To customize the copyright information, click on the pre-formatted copyright area and enter your own content:


Removing the Yola link from the footer

Do you want to remove the Yola footer link on your site? Here's how you can remove the "Create a free website with..." link in your footer.

If you are looking to remove the logo from the footer of your website, this can be done very quickly when you upgrade to the premium plan. Here's how you can do this:

1. Click on the "trash" Delete icon that appears when you hover over the footer.


2. You will be prompted to Upgrade. Complete the steps required to upgrade your website plan. You should notice now that the footer has disappeared.

3. Click the Publish button to save the change.

4. Once you have removed the branded footer, you can click on the Add a block + button and add a new Footer block from the Block Library.


Add your own logo to the footer

Let’s take a look at how to further customize your footer. You can add a new logo to the footer by customizing it directly in the footer:

1. Click on the logo to activate the control pane, and then click the "picture" icon:


2. Locate the new image on your computer and click Open.

3. Your logo will be updated throughout the website.

Note: Your logo colors will not change if you apply a new custom color palette.


Why cannot I duplicate a footer or add another one?

It is not possible to add another Footer block if there's is already another footer enabled.

Sometimes it's difficult to see a footer when it contains no navigation items or a logo. To check if you already have a page footer:

1. Hover over the bottom of the web page. 

2. Delete the existing footer by clicking on the trash icon. 

Now you can add a new Footer block from the Block Library.  


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