Business Card block

The Business card block helps you create a one-page website that contains essential information about your business, a product, or service in a clear and concise way.

Here are some reasons why you would choose the Business card block option:

  • Your temporary online presence: if you are just starting to build a website, a simple one-page website complete with all your business details will replace the old-fashioned “Site under construction” page.
  • As a Cover block: you can add a Business card block to serve as an opening block for your website while you provide the details of your offer in blocks below.
  • As a quick Contact page: you can add a Business card to any block including Articles, Services, Features, and Contact to attract your visitors’ attention to your business contact details.

Adding a Business card block 

You can add this block on any page or on an empty page creating a website from scratch. Here’s how to do this:

Choose a location where you want to add your Business Card and click on the Add a block + button.

2. In the Block Library, navigate to the Business card section in the menu on the left and click on the block. It will be inserted into your page. 

Business card block settings

The Business card block contains your brief business description and contact details. You can choose which Business card details to display in your block in the Block settings menu.

1. Activate the Block settings menu. Hover over any empty area of your page and click the “gear” Settings icon in the menu. 

2. In the Block settings menu choose which contact details to display in your Business card. Check or uncheck the options, then click Save to confirm your choice.



Modifying site name and description

It makes good sense to enter a meaningful site name and description before publishing your site for the first time.

You can customize your business name and description by hovering your cursor over the business name and clicking on the "pen" Edit site name icon.


You will be taken to the Website settings menu where you can enter your site name as you would like your visitors and search engine users to see it.

To modify your business description, hover your cursor over the description area and click on the "pen" icon to Change your business description.


You will be taken to the Website settings menu where you can enter your business description as you would like search engine users to see it.


Click Submit to make changes live.


Modifying business details in Website settings

To modify your business details, navigate to the Website button in the upper left corner of the Sitebuilder, and click on Website settings… link.

You can add your logo, favicon, website description, and contact information in the Website settings menu. Click Submit to confirm the changes.


Adding more blocks to your Business card

You can make your Business card a building block for your website. Here’s how to add more blocks to it:

  1. Navigate to the top or bottom area of the block to bring up the Add a block + button.
  2. Click on it to open the Block library.
  3. Start adding blocks such as Header, Services, or Contact. Select a block and click on it. It will automatically be added to your Business card.

Note: To keep your website design professional and consistent, all Blocks have been designed to match the template style. All you need to do is to add your own content and images!

  1. Customize new Blocks depending on your online presence needs.
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