Creating a Contact Us page

You can create a Contact Us page where you can provide your contact information, a contact form, a map, social media links, and hours of operation.

Here’s how can you add and customize your Contact Us page.

Steps to create a contact page

1. Navigate to the main menu and click Pages...


2. Click the round + button to create a new page.

On mobile:

Click on the "hamburger" menu:


And then choose Pages… 

Click on Add New Page at the bottom of the screen. 

2. In the next window, choose a page type from the drop-down list of templates:



3. Type in the page name, for example, Contact Us or Contacts.

In this window, you can also choose whether the page will appear in the navigation.

On mobile: tap on the three vertical dots icon to access the page actions menu. Choose the Page Settings option. Type in the new page name (for example, “Contact Us” or “Contact”) and then tap Rename Page. 

Your contact page will be created. It will be already populated with a form, a map, and a content block that you will need to customize.


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