Saving your website

Once you have created something special, you obviously want to save it. Here’s how you can save your work in the Sitebuilder. 

Saving as you work

One of the most important things to remember is to save while you are working on your page. This helps preserve incremental changes to your work, and allow you to try out and roll back changes without risking the loss to your work.

 Do not make the mistake of waiting until you are finished to save—if you do this, you may lose your progress if anything interrupts your work.

 To save as you are working, navigate to the top menu. Here you will find a Save button. You can also save keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + S or if you are on a Mac, Command + S. 




The Sitebuilder automatically saves your edits in the background every 2 minutes.

Saving when moving between pages

You will be prompted to confirm website saving when you are moving to another page without saving changes you have just made.

Saving when publishing

Your website is saved automatically when you publish it. Remember to publish your website for the latest content to appear live to your online visitors.


These steps will ensure your work is saved and ready for publishing live.


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