Pricing block

  • A pricing packages block with prominent price indicators and a list of items such as services or products included in the package.
  • A pricing package or individual items pricing list displays the contents of the pricing package or the brief description of the product or service in a line of text.
  • A list of products or services as columns, with a possibility to separate them based on age, purpose, or other criteria.

Here’s how to add a Pricing block:

  1. Choose a location where you want to add a pricing block and click on the Add Block + button.
  2. In the Block Library, navigate to the Pricing section in the left-hand menu and click on a block that fits your business requirements. Click on the block and it will be automatically inserted into the page.

Customizing block settings

You have several options to make the Schedule block truly yours. To activate the control panel, click anywhere on the block and then click the Block Settings icon:


In the Layout section, you can fully switch the block layout or hide some of the block elements. To fully switch the block layout, simply click the respective button and select a new block content layout:


To hide a specific block element (for example, if you want to remove a button), remove the blue tick next to its name.

In the Appearance tab, you can make the following changes:

  • Block style: Change the color scheme of the block.
  • Block spacing: Change the whitespaces on the top and bottom of the block.

  • Content layout: Choose the number of items in a row.
  • Content style: add a border or add shadow to make the elements stand out on the page:


Once you are done customizing block settings, click Save.

Editing the text in title, subtitle, and pricing details

To replace the demo text with your own text in the block title, simply click on any line anywhere on the page and start typing. You can also paste the text from a text editor you are using.

You can format the text to your liking. To learn more, visit this tutorial: Text formatting

Editing pricing buttons

You can modify the text in each line’s button by clicking on the button and typing in it. The button’s link can lead to the payment page.

Editing the Primary and Secondary buttons

You can edit the text in the button by hovering over it and starting to type your own text on top of the button.

To add the destination to the button, hover over the button to trigger the appearance of the dialog box. Click on the “chain link” Link icon and choose the page where this button leads to, an email address, or an external URL.

Need more Pricing options on your page?

If you would like to display more pricing options, you can easily duplicate any of the block elements. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Click on any block element you want to duplicate and then click on the Duplicate icon.
  2. The identical block element will be inserted below.

Now you can modify this new element as you see fit.

You can also duplicate a pricing element column in the Pricing block with price lists. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hover over the block you wish to duplicate to trigger the dialog box.  Click on the Duplicate icon.
  2. The new column with prices will be inserted below. It will be spaced automatically to preserve the clean look and feel of your site.

Deleting pricing options

You can remove any pricing package elements or individual pricing lines in the Pricing block. Simply hover over any element to trigger the appearance of the dialog box and click on the Delete icon.


 The line will be removed from the Pricing block. 

Moving block elements across the page

You can move pricing columns in any way that meets your website goals. To move the column element:

  1. Hover over the column to bring up the dialog box, and click on the Move icon.
  2. Drag the element and drop it on another spot inside the block. The yellow marker line will show where the block will fit.
  3. The layout of the block will be adjusted automatically to preserve the clean look and feel of your website.

Note: you cannot move pricing lines or columns to another block on the page. 

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