Headline block

Headline blocks present essential information about your business, product, or service in a bold and distinctive way. You can use these blocks to introduce your product or service and make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you.

Adding a Headline block

Here is how to add a Headline block to your page:

  1. Find a suitable location for your Headline and click on the + Add a block button.
  2. In the Block Library, locate the Headline section in the vertical menu on the left and choose the style of Headline that you like:


Customizing block settings

You have several options to make the Headline block truly yours. To activate the control panel, click anywhere on the block and then click the Block Settings icon:


In the Layout section, you can fully switch the block layout or hide some of the block elements. To fully switch the block layout, click the respective button and select a new block content layout:


To hide a specific block element (for example, if you want to remove a button), remove the blue tick next to its name.

In the Appearance tab, you can make the following changes:

  • Replace image: if you choose a block with a background image, here you can edit or replace it

  • Block style: Change the color scheme of the block.
  • Block height: adjust the block's height by turning fullscreen on and off.
  • Background settings: add a black and white filter to the background image or add an overlay.
  • Horizontal alignment: choose the horizontal content alignment in this block.

  • Vertical alignment: choose the vertical content alignment in this block.
  • Content style: add a border or add a shadow to make the elements stand out on the page.
  • Media settings: add a black & white filter to the images within this block.

Once you are done customizing block settings, click Save.

Editing the block text

You can replace the demo text in the block simply by clicking on the text and typing your own content. Highlight the text to be replaced or copy/paste the content from your own text editor. Here's how you can format your text:

You can also assign title tags to the headers of your sections in the block. Here’s how to do it: 

Adding title tags (H1, H2)

Adding SEO-friendly page titles

You can also change the text color:


Customizing the form

You can choose a cover that contains a form that your visitors can use to send you a message. Here’s how you can modify the form on your Headline:

Building website forms

Adding a form

Customizing form settings

Once you are done customizing the Headline block, click Publish to make changes live.

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