How to activate a menu

You can activate different menus, or Control Panes, to perform different actions with blocks and block elements on a page. Instead of navigating a cluttered workspace, you activate only the menu for the element you want to change. 

To activate a menu, all you need to do is to hover over the block, image, or icon that you wish to modify:


When you hover over the line that divides two blocks, you can also add the block and access the menu to modify the existing block:


Highlight a word in the text to activate a Text editing menu:


Click on a button to add a link and modify a text inside the button:


Hover over an icon to activate the icon editing menu:


Hover over an image to activate the image editing menu:


Activating a menu on mobile

When using a Sitebuilder on mobile, instead of hovering over, simply tap on any element you wish to modify. 

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