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Premium blocks

Yola Silver and Gold plan users have access to a special selection of premium block layouts specifically crafted to meet the latest trends in website design. These premium layouts offer additional customization options and design possibilities, allowing for greater creativity and visual impact.

Compared to regular blocks, premium blocks include a variety of complex layouts, such as blocks with accordions, full-width blocks, and blocks with unique decorations.

Premium layouts are currently available for these blocks:

Our premium block collection will continue to expand over time, offering even more options to improve your website design. 

Adding a premium block layout

Adding the premium block layout to your canvas is almost the same as adding the regular block

The only thing that changed is the layout filter. 

B2C - Premium - 1.png

To make things easy, we've made it simple to find free and premium block layouts in the Blocks library. As shown in the video below, you can use the filter options to view only free or only premium block layouts.

If you have a free or Bronze plan, you will need to upgrade to use the premium blocks. Click any premium block to go to the Upgrade your subscription page and choose the Silver or Gold plan. Or you can click the Upgrade button on the Topbar. 

We hope this guide has helped you. If you’ve any questions, please contact our Support Team

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