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Creating a password-protected page

All your pages are open for everyone by default. But you can add an extra layer of security to specific pages on your site by setting unique passwords. This empowers you to restrict access to confidential content, allowing only authorized individuals to view it.

Setting a password for your page

To manage access to your page content, open its Page settings. Follow these steps: 

  1. Click Pages on the Topbar.
  2. In the Page manager find the page you want to set a password for and click its Settings icon.  
  3. Scroll down to the Page access control section in the General tab. Here you have the password controls.
  4. Switch the setting to Password protected, enter the password, and Submit.


Note: You have to publish your website to apply the settings.

The password-protected page will be marked with the key icon in your page list. 

B2C - PP pages - 1.png

After your visitors click the password-protected page, they will be taken to the password page, like in the image below. There, they will need to enter the password and click Submit. 

B2C - PP pages - 2.png


Deleting the password protection from the page

To make the page available to anyone again, open its Page settings and scroll down to the Page access control section in the General tab. Then, click the Open for everyone option and Submit.

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