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Managing contacts in Yola Mail

Here’s how to add contacts: 

  1. Click Contacts on the Sidebar.
  2. To add a contact, click the Create icon and enter the relevant contact information.

    B2C - Managing contacts in Yola Mail - 1.png
  3. Click Save when done. 

Note: The number of contacts per mailbox is limited to 1000 (allowed and blocked). The number of contacts for email clients (for example, Outlook) is determined by the software used.

Addressing email messages to contacts

There are several ways to use the Address Book to address email messages.

Method 1. Click Mail and then click Compose to start a new message. In any of the recipient fields (To, Cc, Bcc, Reply-To, and Followup-To), start typing the name of a contact that is in your address book. A list of the contacts whose names include those letters appears in a list format. Click the name you want to add to that field.

Method 2. Click Mail and then click Compose to start a new message. Click the Contacts list in the left pane to display all of the contacts that are saved in your Address Book, and then choose one or more contacts.

To select multiple contiguous contacts, select the first one, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last one. To select multiple non-contiguous contacts, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each one that you want to select. Click an icon at the bottom to choose whether to put the selected contact addresses in the To field, the Cc field, or the Bcc field.

Method 3. Click Address Book, and then from the Contacts list, select one or more of the contacts to whom you want to send a message. Click on the email address and compose your message.

Importing and exporting contacts

Contacts can be exported in vCard format; the filename ends with .vcf.

Here’s how to export contacts:

1. Click Contacts on the Sidebar.

2. From the Groups pane, choose the group that contains the contacts that you want to export. Select Contacts if you want to export all of the contacts in the Address Book.

3. Optionally, click to select the individual contacts that you want to export. To select multiple contiguous items, select the first item, press the Shift key, and simultaneously click the last item. To select multiple non-contiguous items, press the Ctrl key and simultaneously start clicking the items that you want to select.

4. From the Export dropdown list, choose Export all or Export selected.

B2C - Managing contacts in Yola Mail - 2.png5. Choose where to save the exported file if prompted; otherwise, check the Downloads folder on your computer for a file called contacts.vcf.

Importing contacts

Here’s how to import contacts:

1. Click Contacts on the Sidebar. Optionally, select the group into which you want to import the contacts. If you don't select a group, the contacts will be imported into the Contacts group.

2. Click the Import icon.

4.  Click Browse and navigate to the contacts file that you want to import. Select the file, and then click Open.

B2C - Managing contacts in Yola Mail - 3.png

5. Select which address book the contacts should be imported to. If you toggle the Replace the entire address book option, it deletes all contacts from the selected address book during importing. Be careful with this, the deletion cannot be undone!

6. Click Import.

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