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Online Store on mobile

You can manage your Online Store on the go using a mobile app. This is also helpful if you sell in person, like at fairs, shows, and conferences, or register cash on delivery orders. In this case, you can be notified about new orders with push notifications on your phone or tablet.

Getting a mobile app

You can access the app by navigating to the Mobile section in your Online Store.

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You can then download the app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Get more information about the relevant app from these guides: 

 Note: A mobile app is available on Basic, Professional, and Unlimited Online Store plans.

Connect your store

After you have downloaded the app, you can connect to your Online Store. Here's how to do this:

  1. Tap the login button in the app and choose to scan the QR code. The screen will turn into QR scanner mode.
  2.  Go to the Online Store on your PC > Mobile and click Get the app to generate a QR code. 
  3. Scan the QR code with your mobile. The app will connect to your store.

The mobile dashboard

In the mobile dashboard, you get an overview of your daily store activity. Here you can:

  • View new orders and their payment statuses, as well as abandoned orders.
  • View sales statistics (daily, weekly, monthly, lifetime, or a custom date).
  • Add a new product: add product title and price, take a photo of your product, and upload it to your store. 

This is what your online store dashboard looks like on Android.

B2C - OS on mobile - 2.png

Note: You can add or edit product descriptions in the Products section.

View orders on mobile

When you tap the Orders icon at the lower part of the app screen, you can view your order history. Tap any order to view its details. You can filter orders by date, payment, and fulfillment status. 

The app is synced with your Online Store catalog and allows you to select products to sell and create an order. The order will instantly appear in your Online Store.

Product catalog on mobile 

In the Products section, you can:

  • Update product names, prices, and descriptions.
  • Add or edit product details. 
  • View stock levels and sort products by their stock levels (In stock or Low stock). 

B2C - OS on mobile - 3.png

To edit a product, tap on the product and tap on the pen icon in the top right corner of the screen to choose the details to modify. 

B2C - OS on mobile - 4.png

Tap the More product features link to set product options, customer input, attributes, ribbons and subtitles, and more. 

With the mobile Online Store app, inventory control is always in your pocket, which helps you avoid overselling and promote some overstocked items. 

Creating discounts on mobile

Tap the Discount icon to see the list of your discount coupons. 

You can create a discount coupon with a certain percent off, offer free shipping, or create a coupon with a combination of a discount and free shipping by taping the blue plus icon on the screen. The coupon code will be generated for you to promote online.

B2C - OS on mobile - 5.png

Online Store settings on mobile

Tap the Store icon to access the store setup and other settings. 

Here, you can edit the following:

  • See the finance and reports.
  • Storefront: edit the store name, customize the storefront design, and manage languages.
  • Payments: modify payment gateways and details for your orders.
  • Shipping and Pickup: edit shipping rates and specify conditions for in-store pickup.
  • Business Info and Regional: customize the business information (contact details and company name), and add the company address that would be displayed on your invoices.
  • Customize your sales channels: Sell on the Go, Facebook shop, Instagram shopping
  • Customers: access customer information and the address book.
  • Abandoned carts: access the list of incomplete orders.
  • App settings: enable security features such as passcode and Touch ID, new order notifications, and force data synchronization with your desktop Online Store.

Most of these settings will open in the browser.

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