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Subscription notifications

To keep your online experience smooth and uninterrupted, our subscriptions renew automatically. This process is in place to safeguard your website from being offline due to service interruptions.

Here's a breakdown of our notification process:

Automatic renewal alerts

If there's an issue with payment or your credit card is nearing expiration, we will promptly notify you via email. These notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your account login.

Hosting package and Online Store subscription renewals

We initiate renewal reminders 90 days before the expiration date for subscriptions without auto-renewal. Subsequent reminders ensure you have ample time to manually renew if necessary.

Domain-related notifications

Domain-related email notifications are directed to the email address used to register the domain, which may differ from your login email. If your domain is set for auto-renewal, you'll receive a notification 30 days before expiration. In the event of non-auto-renewal, notifications are sent 5 days before expiration, and a follow-up reminder is sent 3 days after.

Note: Domain names are auto-renewed 15 days before expiration to give you a window to take action if payment issues occur.

Disabled auto-renewal for domain name notifications

If auto-renewal is disabled for your domain recurring payment, we'll send a notification 90 days before domain expiration, allowing you sufficient time to address the situation.

Subscription removal notification

In the event of subscription removal from your account, we will promptly notify you so that you stay informed about any changes to your subscription status.

You can check your subscription status in your My Yola dashboard.

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team

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