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How to reference multilingual pages on your site

Whenever you make a site multilingual, the way you reference pages also changes a little.

When you set up a link to another page of the site, a new language selection step appears in the Link settings menu. You will need to select the language of the target page. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a portion of the text which will become a new link. Click the Link icon in the menu.

    B2C - Reference ML pages - 1.png
  1. In the Link settings menu, select the Open a page option from the Click action dropdown list.
  2. In the second dropdown menu, select the target language.

    B2C - Reference ML pages - 2.png
  1. In the third dropdown menu, select the target page for this link.
  2. If this is a language-specific page, type in the page title in the page language.

    B2C - Reference ML pages - 3.png
  1. Click Submit. The link to a language-specific page will be displayed on the page.

Make sure to publish your site to make the changes live.

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