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How to add a custom URL for downloadable files

Managing your site's file links is crucial. Whether you want to upload ads.txt and domain verification files to your website or simply change the path to the file you’ve uploaded, you can do this by using our Set Download URL feature. Learn how to set personalized URLs for your downloadable files from this article.

Adding a custom URL for a downloadable file

The complete process of adding a link to a downloadable file is described in our dedicated article

Assuming you’ve just added the downloadable file in the Link settings, the only addition to the process is ticking the Set Download URL check box.

B2C - Custom URL - 1.png

This will trigger the link field where you can type in the file address starting with slash. For example, /ads.txt or /price-list.pdf

B2C - Custom URL - 2.png

Note: The link address can not end with “/”. 

After adding the URL, click Save and publish your website to make the changes live.

Changing the URL of a downloadable file

If you’ve already added a downloadable file to your website and you want to change the URL for it, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Click the link you want to change and click the Link button to open its Link settings menu. You’ll see that the Set Download URL feature is not editable at the moment. B2C - Custom URL - 3.png
  2. Re-upload your file by clicking the Choose file button and choosing it again on your device. 
  3. The moment you re-upload the file, the Set Download URL feature will reactivate, and you’ll be able to edit the link.

    B2C - Custom URL - 4.png
  4. Click Save and publish your site to make the changes live. 

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions left, please contact our Support Team

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